New Family Edition: Jenny the Purebred Pug

I have a confession, I have always been in love with English Bulldogs and Pugs, why? Maybe it’s their cute squooshy face that I adore or maybe it’s their short but beefy exterior, whatever the reason is I have adored both breeds for most of my adult life. Just this past week I took in Jenny the pug, she is female, spayed, five years old and trained very well. A sweet edition & she has fallen in love with us too.

Riding to her new home with K beside her

When we arrived at Jenny’s new home she was more than happy to run around and check out her new lawn, house and family.  Shortly after we arrived home Jenny had to hop back in the van with K Monster to pick up her other two family members, Ki and Aj. This would be a fun surprise because neither knew about Jenny.  K Monster and Jenny patiently watched out the window on my lap for their brother and sister.

Best Friends

The kids were so excited to see they had a dog when they were let out of school and have quickly fallen in love with Jenny. This is the first of many blog posts to share her journey with her new family. We bring her everywhere with us, she is truly a new addition, another daughter if you will.

We love Jenny.

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