Eating Right at Home

I appreciate the guest post, Vito Rivers

Eating right is tough enough as it is but coming from a big southern family like mine only makes things more complicated. No one eats the way they’re supposed to and every meal is an excuse to really pig out so needless to say by the time I reached college I was already about 50 pounds overweight. After deciding I was tired of being fat I got satellite tv family for all the cooking shows, joined a gym and got motivated – now I’m healthier than I’ve ever been! The biggest thing for me was exercise – it’s hard to get up and go when I don’t want to but it’s been a real lifesaver and it just melts off the pounds. The food is hard, too, but I’ve found some great ways to substitute the comfort foods I love with lightened options. The biggest challenges are still when I’m around my family but as long as I eat everything in moderation I know I can maintain my new low weight for as long as I like.

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