Coffee is my Morning Fuel

Nothing like a good cup of Coffee

Every morning I wake up and home brew my coffee from Espresso Land with some store bought brand and while I am sipping it I dream of making a fresh pot of coffee using gourmet coffee beans because then I would have a strong coffee fueling me for my long day of chasing children.

Nothing like a good cup of Coffee

I currently use a regular old coffee maker and it works wonderful for me but at times I wonder what it would be like to own a Rancilio Silvia espresso machine, would it create super strong, powerful brain boosting morning cocktail for me? Of course I mean a non-alcoholic cocktail, the one that fuels a mom of three who juggles so much. I hear espresso is the way to go for the most energy!

I truly do love my morning coffee and after researching online for ways to purchase coffee and save money I have come across which serves up a wide variety of not only coffee beans but coffee machines for every coffee lover out there.  Purchasing coffee beans may prove to be less costly than purchasing already ground coffee in the long run, depending upon how much you consume on a daily basis. I personally have 2 travel mug sized coffee’s through out the day; one first thing in the morning when the kids wake and another when the kids are home from school.

Coffee has proven to be my energy boost and although it may not be good to consume as much as I do, it helps me move forward. I have wondered if brands like Gaggia espresso would be best suited for me as a high energy boost mid day instead of having two travel size cups through out the day of my other brand coffee.

Question for thought/discussion: Do you grind coffee beans or purchase already ground coffee?


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  1. Both!! It just depends on what kind of coffee ‘season’ we’re in at our house. When we’re using the coffee pot – I buy ground coffee… when we’re using the espresso maker, I buy the beans and ground them myself
    But then we get into the kicks with our Tassimo – and we love that too.

  2. I’m not sure I could function without coffee! We usually drink pre-ground coffee but I have always liked the “idea” of buying whole bean coffee. My problem is I buy it, then forget about it so I have 4 bags in my freezer right now! I need to start using it up!

  3. We have a DeLonghi espresso maker – it grinds the beans every time you make a cup. So we only buy whole beans – not ground coffee. I enjoy a cup every morning. 🙂

  4. I would love to have a coffee maker like that! I just use ground beans, but I too dream of the day when the kids are out of the house and I can afford to grind my own beans lol.

  5. I have always wanted a coffee grinder, so when my daughter sent my husband an Amazon gift card for father’s day, and he said he didn’t want to bother with it, I used it to buy him a grinder and 4 pounds of coffee. He is hooked now on that fresh ground stuff! I love it too!

  6. I buy the pre-ground here. I love the SMELL of the coffee beans though more than I do drinking coffee LOL so my grounds stay in the freezer to stay fresh. I would love one of those coffee makers that grinds it right there for you cup by cup.. so cool.

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