How do You Celebrate 30th Birthday?

I would love to be that “mommy” I always am and say that I want to spend my birthday with my children, but honestly, I don’t wish to this year. I have spent every moment of every day with my sons and I am ready for a break. Figuring my 30th birthday is the best excuse I went on a Google search mission for ideas on how to spend my 30th birthday.

Since my actual birthday is on Friday and my sons father works I won’t be able to start celebrating until Saturday but I do plan to celebrate. An idea that I had was to spend the night in a local hotel, because I would like to stay close to home but have some peace and quiet. A local hotel sounded like the best option since I don’t really have any relatives homes I could stay at.

Apparently your 30th birthday is the time to conquer any life long fears and just let loose.  I had a fear of flying all of my life and in June of this year flew for the first time,  since then I flew to NYC for a Ragu Brand Immersion day. I have overcome the fear of flying 100% just before this years 30th birthday. Hooray!

I haven’t ever been to a spa nor received a professional massage so that is another idea I have for my special weekend. I pan to search and find out where there are local places so that I can get some relaxation, because these shoulders are rock hard. I had thought about a deep tissue massage, I like it rough, but my mom recently had one & said it hurt her in some areas so I am not sure about the deep tissue massage idea, maybe just a normal massage.

So there you have it, I want to spend at least one night in a hotel and have a real massage. I also want to have my laptop with me so I can do some much needed writing. My head has been overwhelmed with parenting and client work so I need to back off and have a chance to miss my kids and my work.

I will come back a happier Mom and person … at least that is the idea.

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  1. Woo hoo for 30! I loved thirty – it was the happiest, most profound decade of my life. I truly wish I could have it back.

    I hope your weekend is all you want it to be. Wishing you many happy, healthy returns.

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