I Love the Appearance of Butcher block carts

Some nights my children don’t sleep which means I don’t get much work done but I can daydream and surf the web while attempting to carry them back to their beds and lately I have been looking at various household items. I will be moving soon to the same town but different place and the location allows me to have a bit more room than what I have here so a girl can dream about items she may wish to have, right? I have always wanted a kitchen cart and so I have been looking around finding more kitchen carts to see what style I would really like.

I love the idea of a kitchen cart with a garbage area underneath. This would give me a great place to chop up my onions and green peppers.  I am forever trying to find good counter space to chop up my onions that I eat often. Having a butcher block cart would allow me to have a dedicated spot to chop up my veggies.  I have always seen a kitchen cart for a microwave but never a butcher block.

I love the idea of a kitchen cart to give more room to prepare for dinners. I am trying to cook more from scratch instead of boxed meals, because I think it’s a healthier choice. Of course getting my kids to eat foods I prepare from scratch is a difficult task.

What type of kitchen cart do you have or would you want to have?

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