How Can I Boost Memory?

I have a serious problem with my memory and it’s been going away for many years now. It seems I can barely remember yesterday let alone earlier today. The memory problems I am having now started happening only during pregnancy but then they started sticking with me and I am getting concerned. Everyone says it is because I do so much and have so much on my mind that it’s inevitable that my brain is going to toss out those little memories like “why did I go to Walmart today” so that it can save room for the more important memories such as “what is that clients login”. I think this is true, because I can remember almost all of my clients information yet I can barely remember what I did yesterday in any detailed form.

I am big on herbs and foods as a way to help make you healthier and so it only made sense I would look up ways to increase memory with food or herbs. Apparently if you boost yourself with omega-3s then you are good but if you are not a fish type of person then you can actually take this in an oil form. Limit saturated fat, uh oh, I am sure I have a lot of that in my daily diet. Apparently saturated fat not only clogs the arteries but it also impairs your concentration and memory. Increasing those veggies and fruits is always a great way to help increase memory because they are packed full of antioxidants which protect your brain cells from damage. Wine or grape juice consumption in moderation can actually improve memory, however,  don’t over indulge in alcohol as it does kill brain cells when you have too much at once.

A few other ways to increase memory are some of my favorites and I have seen them work when I am practicing them as often as possible; exercise, laughter and fun with friends. Allowing yourself to have a daily exercise routine keeps your mind moving and having fun time with friends laughing while relaxing is a great stress reducer and stress can cause memory failure.

There you have it, live happier  and be healthier, even in your brain!

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