My Belly Is Trouble Spot with Fitness

It seems no matter what I do, my belly area seems to be the trouble spot for me. I can lose inches in the arms and legs but the belly likes to hang around. When I stop my exercise routine, the belly is what always comes back first. Stress and worries keep my belly bloating up whenever my fitness routine is avoided.

I am asked often about ways to lose the weight and ways to exercise while having children running around. I always tell people just make it part of your daily routine but I am guilty of not making exercise part of my regular daily plans. All of that will change soon, when I move I will have the use of a treadmill and I plan to use that thing as often as possible.

How to lose belly fat is a common question, I think this is not just something I personally struggle with but many others do as well. I have had three children which means my belly has been stretched three times and it’s not happy with me. My theory on having a big belly or not is when the belly sticks out further than your chest, if your belly is out further than your chest then you best be working that belly fat off soon people!

I am at that borderline stage where if I gain a few more inches the belly may just stick out from my chest and if that happens I won’t be a happy camper which means I am in the market for various exercise routines and products that will help me lose the belly fat.

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  1. My belly is huge too. I can’t seen to get rid of it. I just found out recently that I might have IBS & I think that is part of the problem. My tummy is extra bloated. I’ve been trying to drink more water & I do a pilates ab exercise on On-demand.

  2. I understand this issue much too well. I am in a constant battle with my belly. Unfortunately the belly has won. I’m always working in something to rid of it. I blog about it. A bit too. Love for you to visit me at mommiesandbeyond dot com.

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