Exclusive Harry Potter Chess Set

I am an avid chess player, I don’t always win, but I do love a good game of chess. I will let you in on a secret, it seems macaroni salad has always helped me win and so that dish has been deemed my “brain food”, seriously just ask anyone in my house!

Recently I received an announcement stating that there is a new chess board you can get your hands on and it’s the Exclusive Harry Potter Chess Set.

As taken from the press release; Get ready to transform yourself into a real wizard when you order Harry Potter Chess! Each richly-illustrated chess manual teaches you the skills to play like a master — whether you’re a beginner or already know the game. The authentic, scaled-down replica of the giant wizards chess game from Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone™ lets you bring chess-playing fun to life — right in your home! Each piece is “enchanted” with its own special effect: Knights neigh, Queens glow, Bishops crash and Rooks float as if by magic! This set is not available in stores so order yours today before this limited time offer disappears.

My Personal Thoughts

I really think this would be a fun game of chess to play with my daughter who has been begging me to teach her how to play the game. I can barely play chess to win anymore so I fear I won’t be able to teach her well but maybe with this Harry Potter Chess Set we both could become wizards at the game! I learned how to play chess when I was in 6th grade and so happy I learned because this is quite convincingly a fantastic game that teaches you strategy and great thinking skills.

SRP : $249.95 Check out the official Harry Potter Chess site to learn more!

So, do you know how to play chess? Do you have a Harry Potter fan in your household that would love this chess set?

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