Creating a Work At Home Schedule

Since I am going to be at Type-A Parent Conference and of course have to plan that trip and such I decided now would be the time to bring up some of my really old blog posts. I am talking from 2008-2009 era, I hope you enjoy and if you were not a subscriber back then well you will get some new content topics to comment on! Happy Reading!

Setting a work at home schedule is easy, however, sticking to it – a completely DIFFERENT story! I have set up a YouTube group where you can all join me sharing our crazy, busy and fun lives of being WAHM’s. My first topic in the group is “Setting a schedule is hard to do” we all have families at home that may distract us from our schedules and I wish to hear from you, come on all make me not feel so alone! LOL

So schedule setting…do you set a schedule? Do you set yourself weekly or monthly goals? What does your schedule entail? Do you leave room for daily distractions? Do you have young children at home with you when you are suppose to be working at home? I know some moms have a mommy helper or nanny – do you?

I set a weekly schedule and weekly goals. Since I now have my own Virtual Assistant business I must be sure I am meeting my clients deadlines, and with my blog getting really big I need to make sure I am posting good content for my readers.

I try to schedule what I am going to write about each week ahead of time, set up deadlines in my calander for clients requests, and be sure to keep time set aside to play with my children {which is the whole reason I am a WAHM}.

All too often I have a baby who is grumpy, a 2 year old who is sick or other distractions during my day. Stressing out is not the way to handle these unplanned events, simply breath and handle each distraction as soon as it happens to avoid an overload situation. If your toddler needs you, then go to them, you are their mom and being a mom should come FIRST no matter what. That faster you tend to your child’s needs the sooner you can get back to working.

I do not always have my posts written ahead of time, I often just try to create topics so each night before I can write a good post. Lately my writing skills have not been so up to par for me. Writing is my passion, if you give me a topic I am passionate about I can write you a good article in about 10 minutes {no joke}. Right now I have some college issues going on, which has become another distraction for me. I try to handle each distraction as it comes along and tell myself to breath, “this too shall pass”.

Being a work at home mom requires the skill of multi-tasking, positive attitude and the gift of gab {in most cases}. I have all of the skills to be successful in working from home, and just need to learn how to put them to use more efficiently.

I look forward to reading your posts about your scheduling tips and watch your vlogs, please remember to join my YouTube Group today so you can take part and we can all interact with each other. It can be our virtual WAHM support group ๐Ÿ˜‰

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