The Many Moods, Hormonal?

So my daughter is eight years old, she will be nine in October and I find myself wondering if she is hormonal. This girl is totally happy one moment and totally upset and emotional the next. My daughter has always been a bit of a Drama Queen but this is getting way worse.

She was hiding, because someone was picking on her, so she says. Although the story was everyone was playing like they always play and she just took it personal, which seems to be the deal lately with her. Poor girl is so hormonal is all I can think.

I tried so hard to get a smile, I climbed the tower she was in and poked a picture shot from above, she refused to look, she refused to grin.

I think that is a half eye roll and maybe getting ready to yell at her brothers? I am not sure but no matter how many times I snapped the camera on my Droid I was unable to get this girl to smile in this moment, like at all. Seriously.

I think that is her yelling, what do you think? Well … I am lost as to what to do with this girl. Is it too early for hormone changes? She is 8 almost 9 but I swear her body is looking like the whole puberty change is coming on and wow, I am nervous because we are already starting to butt heads which is not common for us.

When did your daughter start “the change”?

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  1. Awww, I’m sorry to hear that! :/ I didn’t start hitting puberty till twelve quite a few years ago. That was a rough time for me.

    Good luck with getting everything worked out with your daughter! She’ll come around! 😉

  2. I don’t know what the timing is for that nowadays. It does seem like it’s earlier than it used to be. They go through obstinate stages though. This isn’t permanent. Yay!

    1. At 3 Kim? Oh my goodness… my daughter started all of that at 6 but she was first born… so maybe that is why it was later? I also wasn’t a stay at home mom with her until she was three/four ish…. 🙂

  3. This parenting thing is definitely not easy. I also wonder how I will deal with my daughter when she gets a little older. I was a tough cookie as a teenager and I fear that my already strong willed 5 yr old might turn out to be just like me.

    I think it is important to be patient with them and talk through things. As I shared in my latest post, our children are growing and developing their own autonomy and individuality and along with that comes the attitudes and stubbornness. But we have to remember that we were once there too.

    Well, I am so happy you stopped by my blog to comment on my post. I wish you all the best with your daughter.


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