Get Kids to Drink More Water

I have always been a big water drinker and that habit was passed onto my daughter but the boys, forget it, they have had little interest in water. AJ loves juice and/or soda. Baby K loves him some milk, all day long. I do not drink my well water, gross. Although my well water has tested completely clean and actually really good water to drink, the taste is awful and I won’t drink it so I buy bottled water and a big old water jug for the fridge to fill my water bottles.

I found out that if I buy bottled water and simply fill the water bottles and leave them in the fridge that my sons have a new found love of water. My sons will beg to drink bottled water and seriously will drink it all day long. I can even refill it from my tap because they drink the tap water, the rest of us don’t but the boys don’t seem to care where the water comes from as long as it is in a bottle.

So that is how I get my sons to drink more water.

Are your kids big water drinkers?

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  1. My MIL recently bought me some of those Tervis tumblers- I’ve always got one with me filled with ice water. My son LOVES drinking *my* water out of those but refuses to drink it out of his sippy cup LOL

  2. When the kids were younger I often did this trick. It also worked to remind myself to grab the water out the door. As they grew up we also bought them their own water bottles and let them pick them out. Having the filtered water in the fridge door became the biggest turning point for the entire family. My kids are teens now and I just have to remind them every once in a while, but instilling the water drinking habits early means no arguments now 🙂

  3. I use reverse psychology on my 6 yr. old daughter that always avoids water like the plague. What I did to trick her is I would get fresh lemons and make a gorgeous glass of ice water and squeeze in the fresh lemon, being sure to make mmm yummy sounds. Then I add a fresh piece of mint and a perfect slice of lemon to the edge. I told her that these are mommy’s favorite drink and it makes me so pretty and smart. That had her intrigued and wanting to be like mommy and she drinks it right up. Kinda a hassle to get her to drink it but it is worth it just to get some H20 in her. LOL

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