I was on Facebook the other day saying how my carpet needs to be cleaned. I have never cleaned my carpets in this house since I have owned it which has been over five years! Carpet cleaning is just something I never really thought about, obviously I vacuum. I vacuum 1-2 times a day, with these kids you never know what you are going to have to vacuum up!

I swear my kids drive me bonkers and when potty training came for my first born son it was a nightmare of carpet messes where I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the carpet because he would have accidents for “number one” on the floor in the living room or even kitchen floor. Now I am potty training boy number two with similar nightmares.

I will be honest I am a tad bit worried about chemicals and such with the kids at times but they are getting old and not usually crawling around on all fours nor putting random items in their mouths.  ChemDry sounds like a pretty decent product to use for carpet cleaning so maybe I will have to look more into that option for cleaning my carpets and soon because I can’t deal any longer.

Tile cleaning is certainly something to think about as well when you own a home or a restaurant because it is just simply important to make sure your flooring is clean. I know that when my floors in the house look clean, I can have dishes hanging all over the sink waiting to be washed, clothes sitting in baskets but as long as those floors look clean I feel somewhat good about my household chore duties.

How often do you clean your carpets, other than vacuuming?

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