Alexa Rank: I Don’t Get You

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I have a Google Page Rank of 4 here on site and a Google Page rank of 1 on Moms Vacation Land.  I am great at getting Google Page Ranks up high, but Alexa Ranks? I am clueless in some ways and not impressed in other ways.

Do you realize that in order to have a good Alexa Page Rank you have to have an Alexa toolbar installed? I. Don’t. Like. Toolbars.

Come on Alexa, give me a break! My visitors who visit, with a daily page view of over 400 at the moment, have to have an Alexa Toolbar installed in order for you to get my rank up higher? That. Sucks.Period.

What kind of rank setup is that? I tell you this makes no sense. For me a website ranking on any platform should be based on the skill of SEO, frequently new content and well, an interaction with page views. What does a toolbar installed have to do with a rank?

While I take the time to figure this messed up setup out, I will sit and visit websites with Alexa toolbar installed, even though I don’t like toolbars, to make sure my frequently visited websites/blogs get a better Alexa ranking.

Right now I am at 42,809 Alexa rank, what are you at?


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  1. OK, here’s my take…their measuring method (toolbar based) is the reason Alexa won’t be around for long. Think about other sites that offer rank based on a toolbar measuring mechanism and they may be around for a few years and even red hot for a bit but it doesn’t take long for PR and the site owners to figure out they’re placing too much of their time and emphasis on a measuring metric missing a very large portion of the sites overall traffic. I don’t get any PR requests for Alexa ranking and my site went from under 40k US rank to now it’s around 85K. I’m not a fan and I don’t have the toolbar or extension. I can’t fault Alexa, they want to be the next big thing but toolbar metrics isn’t going to be “it”.

    There are better metrics to measure a site, Facebook, Twitter and Google PR are the top three. Unless you have an SEO team on standby to manage all the different metric sites out there, it’s a waste of effort that can be better spent on more relevant metrics. I feel it’s best for small business owners and smaller sites to pick three or four target metrics and focus your efforts consistently on those. Had I done this, my stats would look a lot different but even with a PR 0 and over 8k hits a month, I don’t think I’m doing too bad.

    But that’s just my rant on the subject! lol

    1. Haha, there can be so many rants. A hard subject for some to talk about. It is silly on what we are evaluated on for working with various opps including paid opps. I think that small businesses should focus on a niche and when you get your site all set up for SEO on that niche and promoting on that niche, you start seeing traffic and possible sales.

  2. I too so don’t get it with the Alexa toolbar. It seems to be also very easy to manipulate your ranking with it if you get many people with the toolbar to visit you. I’m currently standing at 246,925 but a few months back it was 500,235 or so.

  3. I agree with Jenn. I don’t think it will be around for a super long time. I really think it is dumb that you HAVE to have the toolbar installed. It is like “if you don’t use our toolbar your site is nothing!” That is ridiculous. I might have to hire you for SEO though, as I have a google page rank of 0 and I am SICK of that! That sucks too, IMO! LOL 😉 So, what are your rates girly??

    1. Rates are affordable, some say too low because I am worth more. SEO for me was basically using the SEO plugins I have but overall I have seen that when my ranks go down at all I start using the Platinum SEO Plugin for each blog post and that helps me get back up to the 4 again….

  4. I have to agree with everyone. I think it’s silly! I mean, the only people that are going to know about this are people like us, blog owners. I highly doubt regular readers have the toolbar installed. As for your toolbar hatred, i am the same way. Before i found out how “important” it was, it uninstalled it. Then after some reading decided to put it back on, but i hated it. I found in the settings option if you check off “Show status bar” it will move to the bottom of the page, out of the way. It doesn’t bother me anymore!

    1. I don’t know if it is a secret really. I use plugins, Platinum SEO is my fave one.. I think that is the full name of it.

  5. Yeah Brandy, tell us all how to get our Google PR up. I was at a four for a very brief time but I can’t seem to get it back for the life of me. And your Alexa rating rocks! I’ve heard that Alexa is highly used by businesses, which is why it was popular. I have no idea how long it will last, but what are companies supposed to use? No matter what they use there is someone that’s going to complain about how it works, or doesn’t work for that matter.

    I’m not saying I’m a fan of Alexa, or any measuring tool for that matter. You’re score is better than mine. I think the best judge is the interaction you can see on the site. Comments. 😉

    1. I think it should be more about reader engagement and visitors … a ranking by a robot from some website shouldn’t base when someone will work with you but if you are a good page rank and they work with you on getting SEO for their client then a rank would matter so they get a good link on a site…

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