My OCD Confession

I am OCD {Obsessive Compulsive Disorder}with more than one thing I am sure, but the first thing that sticks out in my mind is “making sure everything is locked”. My new van beeps when you hit the lock remote two times, so the other night before bed I hit it and was just in awe. Seriously! I actually said to J, “wow that is too cool, I miss having a lock that beeps when it is locked”.

Of course the joke was on me, I then was the blunt of a joke about how every window and door in the house should have a lock that has a remote, the remote should beep when locked but oh do not stop there, after the lock beeps I will still be found checking them 100 times to ensure they are locked before I head to bed.

As funny as this is, I can laugh at myself after all, it makes me wonder why I am so obsessed with making sure everything is locked down. Growing up we rarely locked our doors, my parents didn’t lock their doors really. My Mom was a single Mom and the only time the doors were locked there as a young child were when my sister and I were home alone and scared. The doors were open for anyone to walk inside while we were sleeping at both homes we lived in during our childhood.

I still live in the same town I grew up in, and yet I lock my house down tight. Even in the Summer when it’s so hot outside, I won’t open the windows at night to let in the Summer night cool air. I do not understand this obsession. I wonder, does OCD derive from something that happened? If so, how come I have no clue what happened to make me become this bad?

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  1. I think some people are more prone to OCD than others but I think we all have it in some capacity. Would you feel more at ease if you had an alarm system (even if it wasn’t monitored so you could have the beeps)?

    We were robbed when we lived in LA and have forgotten several times to close our garage door before going to bed (in CO and TX) and have left various doors unlocked maybe a half dozen times on accident. Now that Cakes runs around trying to escape at any opportunity she can, we’ve become more vigilant about ensuring the doors are locked but I’m sure we’ll let our guard down again.

  2. I have OCD about certain things too, and once I get something in my mind like wondering if the house is locked, I can’t rest until I make sure.

    It’s so weird how people used to leave their doors unlocked all the time. I even lock the car in the garage!

  3. I think it has to do with back then it was “Safer” to leave doors unlocked. We used to keep the door unlocked when we were not home when I was little. We would lock them at night but I am sure there were times when the door would be unlocked all night. I grew up in a really safe community. When I was in the 6th grade, there was a triple murder in my town. My sister was friends with one of the victims. It was huge because things like that didn’t happen there. I am OCD about locked doors too.

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