The Day I Breastfed on YouTube

For some reason the other night I decided to search on YouTube for Brandyellen1981 (my YouTube Username) and up pops my Go Pillow video review from years ago when I used to use for this blog domain. I was watching it and realized oh my goodness, I actually was breastfeeding baby K in that video! No you can’t see any body parts but seriously check this out….

So … see breastfeeding should be treated as something completely natural, it’s not a big deal. Breastfeeding or formula or bottle feeding is simply a choice we all make as parents. My three children had a little bit of both – breastfed and formula, so I guess I was a “both” kind of mommy.

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Would you do a video like this one on YouTube or would you show it all or not at all?

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  1. Penelope (89 comments) says:

    Omg, how funny…but you were totally modest, like I was. Breastfeeding is natural, and when women are not flashing and just feeding their sweet baby, people need to get a grip and leave them alone.

    • Brandy (1760 comments) says:

      I actually didn’t have any points to prove. I just was looking through old YouTube videos & a friend had said I was breastfeeding on YouTube .. I didn’t believe them until I stumbled upon this video and had to watch it a couple of times … and went OOPS .. oh well … nothing was showing.

    • Brandy (1760 comments) says:

      Thanks Crystal. Thank heavens I am done with that stage, although still getting one out of diapers ;-) I think too many make breastfeeding some big huge deal when in all reality we all are just moms feeding our babies however we choose to feed them. :-)

  2. MommaDJane (394 comments) says:

    Funny. I forgot about this but at the time it didn’t seem like a big deal at all. Breastfeeding is natural and it’s FAR from being in the strange category on YouTube. You’d be surprised at what you can find on there. EEK

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