Sick for Three Weeks

If you are not friends with me on Facebook then you probably didn’t realize that I was out of commission for three weeks and am still on the mend. It seems something my children got for two weeks still lingers on in me after over three weeks of extreme sickness. I am not talking about throwing up, I am talking about itchy eyes, sore throat, coughing and so much more. I did get feeling sick from time to time, but over all I was simply drained and living by my Kleenex box.

It was rather difficult to keep content up on site, keep reviews and giveaways going live and paid posts live. I am back though, and finally able to spend some quality time with the kids after being sick for so long. I don’t know what it is I had that seems to still be lingering slightly in the back of my nose but I want it to go away NOW!

I rarely get sick, usually I am a huge orange juice drinker which I felt has always made it so I only get a small part of whatever sickness my kids get but oh how unlucky I was this time! I know exactly why too, I hadn’t been drinking orange juice much at all, so I went to the store and got me some orange juice and plan to drink it like it’s going out of style … I disliked whatever took over my body because it drained my body so bad that my mind was going off too!

I am back though, on the mend and almost back to 100%! Hope you all have a lovely weekend and catch up on some reading here, I have my typing fingers on and they are ready to provide some awesome content for you all!

xoxo everyone oh and if you haven’t yet or have but forgot to do this daily please vote for me by clicking image below and please vote daily if you love what I do and want me to up it a BIG notch!

What you all doing this weekend? I wanted to go to Verizon Wireless Arena to see Harlem Globetrotters but not happening … too expensive!

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