Comfy Medical Scrubs For All

Yes, I have told you all before long ago that I worked as a film librarian at a hospital in a couple towns over from where I live now and I loved that job because I could get away with wearing medical uniform pants and things like hot pink scrubs. I rarely was seen by patients and so it wasn’t required that I wear such things but in all reality it was a dirty job where I got dirt on me all day from the x-ray films and basement where the older x-rays were stored so why wear my awesome clothes to work?!

I had never thought about buying medical uniforms online back then maybe because I had dial up Internet and had no clue you could purchase things online so easily and cheaper. There are so many stylish scrubs now for men and woman to wear that being a nurse, doctor or similar type of professional doesn’t mean giving up your style!

What do you think? Do medical scrubs or uniforms look comfy to you? I was in the early stages of pregnancy during this job and let me tell you what, I loved them more than maternity clothes with my first born child.

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