Advil Congestion Relief

Flu season is a BIG deal, I never really thought about it until I got hit with something for THREE weeks. Usually I get a flu shot, I think last year and this year were the first two years I didn’t, but I made precautions last year. Increased my Vitamin C intake and well didn’t get “as sick” as I did this year with no flu shot and less Vitamin C. Today I get to share some information with you about Advil Congestion Relief and of course the sickness issue, aka the flu.

This year it seems we all got hit with the flu later in the year, based on CDC reports the numbers jumped from 10 people in early January to 30 in February. The numbers obviously tripled which isn’t too good, now is it? You are telling me, the one who has been sick for THREE weeks and still has a lingering flu symptom list going on! The flu usually peaks in February and has actually attributed to 8% of adult deaths in 122 cities in the US which is considered epidemic level according the CDC findings.

One thing I realized that is being told is to get vaccinated, even though it seems “late” in the year it is being recommended because the numbers are growing. I didn’t realize that you could get vaccinated this late in the season honestly. Normally you get the flu shot in Fall time right before Winter, since my symptoms are still lingering I am debating going to get a flu shot for sure!

I am not one to take meds but this Advil Congestion Relief is certainly something I would try because the previous medication I tried over the counter made me so drowsy that I passed out on and off while home alone with the boys and never took it again! Advil Congestion Relief is available at your local pharmacy or store in the cold aisle and if you are feeling like me I would certainly give it a try!

Disclosure: “I was provided Advil Congestion Relief information, gratis samples and coupons by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.”

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