S-E-X … and Third Graders???

I am not that old, I am 29 years old and hey I had a great rebellious teen life, I had my first experience at age 14 and well never stopped. I graduated high school in 2000, I had my first child in 2002, I had my second child in 2006, I got married in 2007, I had my third child in 2008 and I got divorced in 2010.

I have lived … I have learned … but one thing I haven’t ever been ready for is the S-E-X topic with children. I learned by reading some literature from my pediatrician that you should start talking about this topic at a young age, at age five your child should be familiar with the basics of gender differences, such as the body parts and what they are used for. Growing up S-E-X was not something we discussed, seriously when I was 14 and asked to go on the pill my Mom was ready to LOCK ME UP.

It was a topic you just simply didn’t discuss, but I personally want my children to know what it is at their particular level. I haven’t ever talked to my children about it yet and they are a girl age 8, a boy age 4 and another boy age 2. I recently became aware that my daughter has a friend {now ex friend} who had gotten into some trouble, but tried to get my daughter into trouble. They are third graders mind you … riding bus with OLDER kids, come on school don’t you realize little elementary students should not, and I repeat should NOT be riding the school bus with older kids and if they do then they should most certainly be at separate spots on the bus, not sitting together congregating!

My daughter informed me that this other little girl asked to use her paper and proceeded to write a note on this paper, the note said something BAD and yes my daughter emphasized that it was a BAD BAD WORD, so bad in fact that she wouldn’t even speak it, my daughter finally spelled the letter out for me …

I want to have S-E-X with SPECIFIC BOY NAME HERE

That is something along the lines of what she told me, forgive me I am having a memory lapse and I could not be wording it 100% but I am sure you have the point. A third grader wrote this and even more worse … about a SEVENTH grade boy. Are you kidding me?!

What is this world coming to?! I am all about being open, being honest and teaching my child about sex, but we have not had that discussion yet until the other day when this came up, of course the school has yet to actually call me about this incident … I wonder why? I mean if a child goes to the principals office should they or should they not call me? If it involves a topic such as S-E-X in a third grade level with a seventh grader … and my child was in the middle of the situation … should I be called or not?

What do you think about all this? I am still a little too shocked to formulate the words of how I feel at this moment.

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  1. Wow, That is crazy. I think they should of called you and told you what was going on. I am curious why they didn’t too. I mean that little girl should not be thinking like that about a seventh grader. When I was in third grade I don’t remember thinking about having sex with anyone. That didn’t happen until sixth grade, of course I didn’t do it and it was just thoughts, ya know normal puberty thoughts. This little girl sounds like she wanted to get Ki in trouble.

  2. If they didn’t come to you, go to them. 3rd grade is way too early for this sort of thing. If that girl was writing it down and knows about it there could be cause for concern. For a third grader to say or write something like that concerns me for sure!!

    Your daughter shouldn’t have been put in that situation, but now that it’s out I think someone needs to take that information and check on the girl and her circumstances. Even if nothing wrong is going on at home, someone needs to talk to her about how inappropriate it is to think that way at her age, and to talk to other kids her age about such things.

  3. Yuck! What a pain to have to deal with, not to mention COMPLETELY inappropriate behavior going on… yikes! I would definitely go to the school about this. At the very least, couldn’t they move a bus monitor to that bus for the time being or if it already had one, make sure they keep a closer eye?

    I’m going to be honest, in 6th grade, there were lots of kids talking about that kind of thing on the bus and I don’t remember if we had littler kids on there with us or not. Kids don’t even think about it. That’s where adults have to step in to protect the kids!

  4. I’m still muddling over this issue of SEX and how to approach it with my 7yr old.. I feel that Grade 3 or even Grade 3 kids should know the proper knowledge about it before they start making their own assumptions.

  5. Yes there should of been a discution with you and the principal, even if only by phone. You should make an apt. to talk about how YOU would like these types of situations handled by school members. If that deosn’t work….sick the auntee on them !! lol Growing up is hard enough best you can do is to try and keep a cap on things. Good luck…God bless. ENJOY

  6. I am in shock that happened! I am in even deeper shock that they had not informed you about what had happened. I would be calling the school and asking to talk to them about it. Something should definitely should be done about it, even if it is just a discussion. Because if you were not informed whose to say that girls parents were not informed? Good luck Brandy and I am still at a loss about talking to my daughter about sex and she will be 7 next month.

  7. I remember talking about it on the playground in second grade. I don’t think that it’s probably that abnormal. BUT I was talking about wanting to do it. It was still something adults did. BUT my husband’s brother was caught trying to do entirely too much at 8 years old! I would say its time to do some talking!!

  8. My doctor told me we need to start talking to Zoe about her body parts already and make sure she knows no one is allowed near her. I know that’s a lot different then what you are experience but it’s true. We have to talk to our kids about really uncomfortable topics much sooner than our parents had to talk to us about it. I would bring it to the teacher’s attention and make sure the other kid’s parents know she’s thinking about these things.

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