3M Natural View Screen Protector Review

I admit I have had these for a while now and have yet to actually place them on my cell, but luckily I waited because I recently switched from a Blackberry Curve to a HTC Droid Incredible! I was able to test out the new 3m Natural View Screen Protector on my new Droid and here is my review of my thoughts on both the product and the process of placing this product on my Droid.

First, let me tell you I have tried other screen protectors and had no such luck with them, oh sure they worked great but I had bubbles, was unable to get them on just right or they were too small for my cell. With 3M’s Natural View Screen Protector they have a little applicator that comes with it to help assist in keeping those bubbles out, a grid to use for matching the size up to your cell phone, as I received a universal protector instead of one specified for my particular phone.

First step was to measure out the screen I wanted to protect using the grid, next I attempting to cut the natural view screen protector with scissors and I must admit I did a pretty good job for someone who can rarely cut straight. The next step was to place this protector on my cell, this is when I cringed with fear that I would totally mess it up and have to use the second protector. I did an awesome job, there were a few bubbles in the screen protector but the applicator that 3m includes on it’s package worked awesome at getting those little bubbles out!

I now have the Natural View Screen Protector on my Droid and let me tell you what, I know what they mean by natural view, it is bright, vibrant and as if I have no protector on there at all. I love this protector and can say I definitely highly recommend it to you all!

Now for all the product bullet points, so that you know what this product offers you:

  • Protects cell phones, iPads™ and other mobile device screens against smudges and scratches — and is proven to be scratch-resistant to 3M’s steel wool test.
  • Easy to apply with no air bubbles and removes in seconds with residue- and spray-free adhesive technology.
  • Features stay-clean edges so dirt and dust do not collect along film edges. (now I keep cell in pocket often, I can say this has been a HUGE benefit for me)
  • Maintains clear, crisp image on your screen, while reducing reflections and improving contrast in ambient light conditions.
  • Compatible with touch screens. (yes it is compatible, as my Droid is all touch screen)
  • Last but certainly not least, this product has a lifetime warranty.

Purchase 3M Natural View Screen Protector Online at Shop3M or Amazon.com

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  1. I LOVE protective screen covers for my phone. Had the guy at Verizon not mentioned it, I probably wouldn’t have thought to get them and they REALLY do make a difference!

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