Where Did The Week Go?!

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I have been busy working behind the scenes, not only on blogging but my business and doing client work. I may or may not be going some time without the internet here again, lovely little tests of my sanity. Of course internet is my income as well as my fun so really …. no internet means Brandy gets frustrated on what to do, I am a work-acholic you know?! Guess if no internet for a short period of time comes about then I will just have to resort to my mom-aholic skills.

I multi-task every single day, that is seven days a week and I rarely sleep but I have been taking time to give myself much deserved and needed sleep. Completing business clients work, thinking and actually setting some goals and plans on how I am going to make this year rock.

So you tell me all .. let’s have a conversation … I am curious … what do you do to regroup when all seems to be going in 100 directions? AND do you follow your gut instincts on life, business and love? Looking forward to having a fun conversation with you all!


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  1. When life seems to be spinning me around in 100 different ways, the best thing I found is to actually slow down. Yes, there are many things that need to be done (some simultaneously) but becoming part of the whirlwind just causes more stress and less productivity. I find it important to take a moment to breathe and get my head above water to settle down and re-energize… then back to the chaos 🙂

    As for instinct, that little voice and feeling you have in your gut always seems to know what is best even if you try to logically convince yourself what is the right path.

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