Is It Simply Old Age?

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As each new day rises and the sun places it’s smiley face in the sky behind the clouds I find myself smiling for I have become someone different, a person who no longer puts up with crap, a person who is rather outspoken in ways she never has been before. I am a new woman, free spirited, outspoken and carefree … or am I just getting too old to put up with the BS in life?

I know I know … stay positive Brandy, life is awesome! I agree, life totally rocks and I love all people but lately I feel like I am just fed up with the bologna people want to throw at me and others. I don’t know why I am more outspoken and I probably will end up getting beat up because I am not a fighter. Do not get me wrong, I can stick up for myself, I just don’t believe in the physical harm of others no matter what. I am more the type of person who will charm you with smiles and kindness should you do me wrong.

I feel like maybe I am just getting older and realizing life is too short to not speak up for what you feel, believe in and want in life. I am determined to follow my dreams, reach my goals and finally be placed in a position in my life where I say “wow I finally got it” before more issues arise to take me off that high horse of accomplishment. As we all know life is full of angry, mean people but we can’t let them get to us because then in the long haul of things you are letting them win.

So today I invite you to no longer put up with the crap, let out the negative and consume yourself with the positive because positive energy will free you whereas negative energy shall consume you. Hugs all around!

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  1. Age? No way! Perspective and experience for sure – I don’t let the haters get to me anymore because I realize now that it isn’t about me. I’m fine, I’m happy and the haters are miserable. Have you heard the studies that say people who smile are happier? Makes sense, it’s hard to growl at someone who smiles at you just because. And it’s uncomfortable (for some) to be grouchy and mean to someone who takes your words with a smile and kills you with kindess. You are a smart and savvy gal and your determination and success feeds your confidence to be you. Fabulous you! Great post!

  2. I think it’s more about the wisdom, priorities and general life perspective that comes with living as long as we have (not that is a really long time lol). Living through marriage and divorce and remarriage, having kids, and dealing with a child with a disability: I’ve learned which battles are important to fight and which ones are not worth my very limited time. If someone arrogant a-hole wants to try to blow smoke up my rear end, good for him but I don’t have time or the energy to put up with it. I’ve got school work to deal with, kids to feed and a house to clean…not to mention make time for hubby and work. I just simply don’t have the time or the energy to deal with drama kings and queens, which is probably why my list of friends is very small.

    My age has given me the experience and courage to live life on my terms instead of someone elses. I TRY to surround myself with people who have something positive to contribute to my life, my children’s lives, and my husband’s life. I’ve found I’m much happier living life this way.

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