Do You Use Spices?

I love cooking with spices! I have my faves up on the back of my stove because I don’t have a spice rack! Something I always wanted since I was 17 years old and moved out on my own was one of those cute, organized kitchen spice racks! I love them tons and I have a cupboard full of spices that need a good home to live in.

I have been to visit relatives and seen a wide selection of spice racks from the simple style to elegant style and I want one! I don’t know why I want one so badly, obviously my cupboard and the top of the stove work alright … but I do want one and now I really want to see if I can purchase one! I never saw a wall spice rack before though .. have you?

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  1. I’ve been married for 7 years and STILL want a spice rack – how have I survived so long without one? Well, my husband told me to spend $50 on something for the house that I really want and I’m thinking about spice racks. I want a magnetic one that can attach to the side of my refrigerator I think – those are so cool and don’t take up counterspace (which I don’t have). We need to get ourselves a nice spice rack, Brandy! 🙂

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