Sorry About Site Issues

At this time my site is having some sidebar issues. I am working with much help on trying to rectify the situation. I even did a WordPress upgraded just to find out it is giving me trouble on the back end. If anyone has tips or advice on why my sidebar is showing way at the bottom of my blog instead of in it’s rightful place please comment below.

My problem is that the sidebar is showing pushed down on the bottom on my home page, however, if you go to page 2 you will see the sidebar is just fine. The same goes for a single blog post – if you click on this blog post title for example and load this as a post alone  … the sidebar is perfectly fine/normal so to speak.

I am frustrated as I have been working on figuring out a resolution all night which has delayed some giveaways I have to get up for you all! I hope with help from FB and Twitter friends and maybe even some of you that the issue is resolved and fast!

Have a super Sunday my friends!

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