Three Great Christmas Books for Children

Our family is huge on reading books so of course one of my holiday gift ideas for you all would be a great book, or two … or three! Today I am sharing three titles our family reviewed together during bedtime story time and have read nearly every night now for about a month.

The First Christmas – A Changing Picture Book

The classic Christmas nativity story is stunningly illustrated by evocative pastel artwork depicting angels, shepherds, and wise men arriving in Bethlehem to share the magic of the birth of Jesus. Lift the gatefold flaps to change the pictures and watch the story unfold along the way.

What Happily Blended Family Thought

My youngest seemed to adore The First Christmas: A Picture Changing Book the most, but my daughter enjoys the nativity part of the book. We enjoy reading stories such as this close to Christmas time. The nativity sets all over town this time of year make my daughter question what Christmas day is all about and this book was basic, cute and good for even a family like mine who has no real religious background/education. As a parent, I enjoyed reading this book to my children before bed.

The Christmas Eve Ghost

In 1930s Liverpool, where streetcars clang on iron tracks, young Bronwen and Dylan live with their widowed Mam. Every day, in the wee hours of morning, Mam leaves the two alone as she gathers other people’s laundry to boil in a big metal copper at home. At night, if she’s not too tired, Mam tells fanciful tales of dragons and ghosties, and on Sunday, she cautions the children about the O’Rileys next door, who go to a church that is not for their kind. But on Christmas Eve, when Mam must go out, Bronwen and Dylan hear a ghostly plonk! plonk! plonk! from the washroom that sends them running straight into the arms of Mrs. O’Riley. Not only do they find that the house next door harbors nothing to fear, but it may hold a blessing for Mam, too. With evocative drawings full of compelling detail, Shirley Hughes tells a timeless, genuine tale of community and human kindness.

What Happily Blended Family Thought

The Christmas Eve Ghost was a hard read for me as it is based in Liverpool with old sayings and words being used. I will say out of the three books in this review, this was my least favorite. However, the children enjoyed listening to half of this book and I have not been able to finish it. A pretty good book but not so much something my young ones were interested in.

Suzy Goose and the Christmas Star

It’s Christmas Eve, and Suzy Goose and her friends are admiring their beautifully decorated tree. It’s perfect except for one thing: a star for the top. But Suzy sees just the right one, high in the sky, and no one can stop her from trying every possible way to get it! Bold, expressive illustrations follow the charmingly single-minded goose in a new adventure, a tale of seasonal magic found in surprising places.

What the Happily Blended Family Thought

This was our favorite out of all three Christmas books, Suzy Goose and the Christmas Star is so well loved that my son, at age four has figured out some of the words and read based on his memory of the parts he can’t read. This is a cute story and certainly has enlightened my childrens imaginations. They beg for this book nightly and I have no problems reading it.

Disclosure: Candlewick Press sent me the three books above for my family to review. All opinions based on that of my own.

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