Daughter, Hardest To Shop For

My daughter is the hardest person to shop for because she is at the age of wanting more for Christmas, needing more and she is sometimes picky. Although I thought I had raised her to be thankful for all she has and receives it seems the age of six and forward starts to be tough. One thing my daughter really needs is girl clothes because she has a lot at her Dad’s house but being that we are a family with three kids here, it tends to be harder to get the kids new clothes every school year.

I had looked around for girls clothing online but my daughter is also hard to shop for without having her try on outfits because sometimes pants fit her waist but are too long, then other times shirts are made of different material making her normal size be too small and tight. I swear shopping for girls clothes is the hardest to do. Boys are pretty easy, cargo pants, carpenter pants and t-shirts, maybe it’s because my sons are only two and four that it’s easy but overall boys don’t have much of a selection, it’s those girls who must look like their friends and be up to date on the latest fashion trends.

So …  who you do dislike shopping for the most when it comes to clothes?

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