Looking for Christmas Gifts?

It is that time of year, the holiday season, everyone is looking for that perfect gift. I know in my house my children are making their wish lists for Christmas presents, letters to Santa being created so that we mail them out to the North Pole. So much is a buzz this time of year and many are spending money hoping to make that special someone smile big on Christmas day.

The hardest, absolutely hardest part of Christmas for me is finding gifts for men, seriously! I swear I have no clue what it is any one in my life that is male would love on Christmas day. I have written poems for my father on his birthday, I do know that my father would love anything I get him. Usually if it’s cool, unusual or even something that he can get good use out of he’s fine with that. I don’t know, something about males, it seems they are hard to shop for, especially if they are not interested in similar things as yourself.

So this year I hope to go online and shop to my hearts desire, and soon of course because Christmas day is coming soon and I want to get everyone at least one unique gift this year!

Who is that you are shopping for this year and having difficulty picking the right gift for?

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  2. Betty N (95 comments) says:

    I have trouble picking out a gift for my daughter in law…last year I won her a gift certicate to Sam’s club; this year I am going to write something about her and match a series of smaller presents that would correspond to her characteristics (Hopefully this will go over well)

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