My Blackberry & I Are Breaking Up

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I have a Blackberry Curve and how I did love it so. I fell in love with the style, the ease of use, the quick way I could reply to clients but alas it has come time for me to break up with my Blackberry and January 11th will be the day!

My darn A button keeps sticking to a point where I can’t do anything and the A button is also the keypad lock button so it is constantly making my cell lock up while in middle of texting, taking pictures, anything and everything! It is driving me batty!

Although I have had this happen in the past, the thing was fixed with a few simple reboots … not so much this time! Verizon informs me that the only thing they could offer me as of today was a new Blackberry for $177 with a $100 rebate … which is all cool but honestly January 11th is just around the corner so for now I am dealing with my Blackberry but we are soon to part ways!

Don’t you just love technology?!

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    • brandyellen (381 comments) says:

      I wanted a Droid but they said it will cost me $300 something even at renewal sooo I guess I will go to another Blackberry.

  1. Katie (103 comments) says:

    I’m breaking up with my Curve in early January, too. I am REALLY hoping Verizon gets the iPhone, but if they don’t, I’ll go with a Droid. Enjoy your last few days – I feel your pain!

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