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We have a backyard with a lot of trees, most of which look like good tress to climb. Me being the outdoor person I am, except Winter time, I decided that I wanted to try to climb a tree and show my kids that they can climb trees too! I know I will regret showing them that it’s okay to climb trees some day but we had fun!

I attempted to climb a tree but apparently jeans were not flexible enough for me to even get up there! I let the kids do the climbing and with the boys well that meant I heaved them up into the tree so that a picture could be captured!

My daughter came home with me Friday and wanted to try to climb a tree but said she couldn’t and when we finally got her to try this is what she looked like …

It was a blast checking out the backyard and running around on Friday while Ki’s Dad checked our new place out too! We truly are a blended family and enjoy every moment of it! Now if I can get that girl to actually climb a tree like her brothers are attempting to do the right way!

Did you climb trees growing up? I totally saw this one HUGE tree in the backyard I want to climb up and sit in but no one will let me get out and play alone! *pouts*

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Written by brandyellen

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  1. Grampa (2 comments)

    I’ll show ya how it’s done !!!! Have bandaids ?!

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  3. Stefani (65 comments)

    I loved climbing trees when I was a kid. I have one tree in my front yard that the kids like to climb. I used to always want a tree house growing up.
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  5. Sheila (133 comments)

    I loved climbing trees when I was little. I used to climb up this one and play pioneers. Yes. I am a DORK. I used to play all kinds of dorky things. I think I will blog about my dorkyness. I have a picture of me when I was little up in a tree at my grandparents house. It’s hanging on the wall and I am wearing a watermelon dress.
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