Review: Hasbro Games Nab-It! & Trivial Pursuit For the Holidays

Day two of the 2010 Holiday Gift Guide brings you two great game ideas that the whole family can enjoy together!

Nab-It by Hasbro Games – Places the casual and competitive gamer on equal footing as every word is worth just one point. The player with the highest letter built on each word wins the point. Stack wisely!

  • When all the tiles have been used, count up the words showing!
  • If you’ve got the most, you win!
  • Challenges you to link your tiles to create your own words!
  • Includes 100 two-sided letter tiles, 4 gray bank tiles, 4 letter bags and rules.
  • Ages 8 +.

My daughter just loves playing games like this because she is a smart cookie and always up to creating words, whether she’s reading a book or playing Word Mole on my Blackberry she is always thinking of spelling. What a great game that is also educational! A fun family game night gift idea.

Trivial Pursuit by Hasbro Games – the most inclusive and exciting version of TRIVIAL PURSUIT yet, where players don’t have to know all the answers to win – but they do need to know their friends! TRIVIAL PURSUIT: Bet You Know It edition introduces high stakes betting to trivia, where players bet on whether or not their opponents know the answer. Guess correctly and players will earn chips that can be used to buy wedges — or they can earn wedges by answering questions correctly on their turn.

  • When you play it, you don’t have to know all the answers to win – it’s what you think your friends know that really counts.
  • Bet they’ll know it or bet they won’t, either way a smart bet can turn your winnings into wedges.
  • Provide something for everyone.
  • With 1,800 fascinating questions there’s plenty of great content to get you talking
  • Ages 8 +

Our family loves to try to play this game but we need more people around. Maybe we can enjoy this over holiday break a bit more with family! I think that would be the best way to enjoy this game! Take it to you on Christmas day to your dinner with the family and have fun!

Test your Bet You Know It skills online.

Trivial Pursuit on Facebook

Disclosure: Both games in this review were provided to me for free to enjoy with my family as part of Family Game Night.

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  1. Great reviews! I come from a family that LOVES to play games, so it’s always awesome to see new ones to pick from that we might not have even known about otherwise!

  2. We have a large collection of games and love them! Santa always brings one for each of the kids and one for the family so you can imagine how many we have! I love the sound of Nab-It and will definitely be looking it up!

  3. We have family game night on Fridays, and it’s a blast. We need a few more games to play. Trivial Pursuit is always fun! Nab it looks great, my son would love it.

  4. My family loves game night and every Thanksgiving we get a new one to play with our extended family. This year it’s our turn to bring the game, those look like great choices to bring! Nab It! looks like a lot of fun!

  5. I would LOVE the Nab It! game because I love working with words. I hadn’t heard of it before, so thanks for the review. I’ll keep my eye out for it in stores!

  6. My family loves to play games. My daughter is a little young for the two titles you listed but I’m pretty sure that my niece would enjoy Nab It!

  7. Family movie night and game night are neck-to-neck when it comes to what our favorite night of the week is! Looks like we may adding two new games to our rotation; they both sound like fun!

  8. We always play Trivial Pursuit when we get together as a family. It’s one of our favorite ways to pass time & is a must have for us on family vacations!!! I can’t wait to try the Bet You Know It version. Our family is a bunch of know-it-alls so this could make things even more fun! 🙂

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