Building a Tree House

One thing I never had as a child that I wanted for my children was a tree house. I had cousins who had a huge tree house at their home. This was more like a house up in the trees, there were rooms and it was extremely long, had multiple walls and different areas such as a normal house would have. I remember running around playing in that tree house whenever my family visited there.

Tree House
Tree House

When our family moves to a bigger home with more space, I really hope that we can work together and build a tree house with the children, although it will not be as extravagant as my cousins nor the one in the image above. I want something simple, yet fun that will encourage the children to have pretend, outdoor adventures and hopefully get our four year old off the “I want to play the Wii” kick he’s been on.

A tree house is something you can build together with your children, it can be a family project.ย  If I were to do this as a family project; my daughter would be the designer, my sons would be the creators of themes for the tree house, Justin would help build with the boys and I would supervise as well as provide treats and drinks while all the workers worked.

Do you have a tree house for your children? Did you build it with them or for them?

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  1. I always wanted a treehouse as a child too! It seemed so magical to me. My kids never had one either, but in my defense, we moved ALL the time.

    Actually now as an adult, I’d be freaking out about bugs up there so I’d have to spray down the whole thing with insecticide. That would kinda take the edge off the fun and magic, I suppose.
    .-= blueviolet´s last blog ..Do You Snuggle in Bed or Do You Hate =-.

  2. We didn’t have the trees for a treehouse, but my best friend/neighbor had one and we loved it. We use to have lunch in it and her dad would pretend to be our waiter. Awesome memories ๐Ÿ™‚
    .-= Grace´s last blog .. Money =-.

  3. Tree houses are the best. There is something just magical even if they are not elaborate. I remember my brother nailed two or three boards into one of our trees as a kid and that was plenty for our imagination!


  4. I grew up having a tree house. My dad built it for my brother and I. It was amazing! It was like the one in the picture, but it had a ladder. It even had a sliding board off of it, so that you could slide down instead of go down the ladder.

    My husband and I were just talking about how great it would be to have a tree house. But we rent right now. When we do have our own home someday we will build one for sure.

    .-= Dawn (Painter Mommy)´s last blog ..Limiting Sugar Cereal =-.

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