A Maze of a Time

Last weekend we got a little bored on Sunday and knew we had stuff to get done but couldn’t deal with the idea of just sitting at home trying to “get things done”. We had all three kids here and wanted to enjoy some of the nice weather. I thought about a corn maze, we went last year to Beech Hill Farm in Hopkinton, NH and had a grand ole’ time…

Picture from Oct. 2009
Picture from Oct. 2009

Baby K was a young tyke back then and was able to travel in style in his stroller but this year he was without stroller and pouted ran a lot! The thing we love most about Beech Hill Farm’s corn mazes is that they are all set up with interesting ways for kids {and adults} to learn new things. Last year we did the Statue of Liberty and learned all sorts of historical type facts. This year we did the Unsolved Mysteries corn maze and had fun learning about all the mysteries of the world! If you are not big on corn mazes Beech Hill Farm in Hopkinton, NH also has a nature trail for you to enjoy!

Corn Maze September 2010
Siblings hand in hand leaving the maze

Of course I took way more pics than just the one above before we headed off to the barn to order some ice cream cones, but they are sitting on my Blackberry until I figure out how to get them from camera memory to my media card memory. I certainly hope we go back again this year to do one of the other two corn mazes they have set up. The price is perfect, only $5 per person and kids 3 years and under are free. Baby K is 2 therefore he got to have a blast for free!

Have you gone to any corn mazes this year? I would love to hear some of your corn maze stories as this is only our second year going, last year was our first experience of a corn maze our whole lives.

Disclosure: I didn’t receive anything for this blog post, my family paid our way in, paid for ice cream cones and even paid for a tomato. All I got was the joy of smiles, laughter and a pouty 2 year old.

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  1. When I saw you tweeting about this I remembered you went last year. I want to go to one so bad and take the kids. It looks/sounds fun. I wonder if they actually have those in Texas…?

    1. It is fun! It is like our new family tradition, of course we started last year … hope to make it back this year to do another. I am a dorky mom and like that they are educational too 😉

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