Home Depot Totally Rocks

I don’t think I ever told you that my daughter goes to those Home Depot workshops that they host once a month. It’s like the first Saturday of every month where your child can go in and create a new something or other. I know she created both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts last year at this Home Depot Workshop.  I love those workshops, I should start taking AJ as he is four now and would totally enjoy them!

What I didn’t know was that Home Depot actually has Free Workshops for adults! Yes, yes it is true! You can sign up to learn more about Interior and Exterior Painting, Decorative Floor Solutions, Saving Energy and Money, plus many other Home Depot Free Workshops.

I think this time of year you should definitely take advantage of the Save Energy and Money as well as the Fall Planting and Maintenance workshops!

What workshops will you enlist in taking for free?

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  1. Brandy, this is an awesome blog. Thanks for posting about The Home Depot workshops.

    Just wanted to say thanks and enjoy the workshops! More Knowledge…More Power! 🙂


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