Who is this Brandy Ellen Anyways?!

It’s been a while since I have written something about who I am and all that wonderful mumbo jumbo stuff and so I think it’s about time I re-introduce myself …

Hey everyone! My name is Brandy Ellen according to the virtual world but in real life I am Brandy Tanner. I just happen to like the ring of “Brandy Ellen” much better or you can call me “B” most of my friends do.  I think that started because when they were drunk it was easier to yell B than Brandy … I could be wrong so don’t quote me on that!

I love life, I love everything to do with writing, I love my three children and I love my ex husband who is my boyfriend {that’s another story for another day}, I love my friends and I love my family. Pretty much if you are good to me, respect my feelings and are open to accepting my opinions then we will get along just fine. I don’t mind a healthy debate but I am no longer the angered soul I used to be and will not get too bent out of shape nor go out of my way to appease you if you want to start some fight over an “opinion” or a “feeling”.

I am addicted to not only writing on my two blogs, oh yeah I do have another blog which is Moms Vacation Land {shameless plug, yea I know}, but addicted to reading blogs. I try my best to return “comment love” which means when another blogger leaves me a comment I try to return the favor and visit their bloggy home. After a long day of chasing two energetic boys around and dealing with the drama of almost 8 year old girls I don’t mind reading about other peoples lives and funny stories. For instance, I have been a long time reader of A Nut in A Nutshell and for some reason this girl can crack me up! I seriously love reading her blog posts, she has a sense of humor that I wish to meet in person some day at a blog conference for sure! {Yes Blue it was that Milano post}

In all seriousness I love to write about everything, basically I am a walking pad of paper and when I sit down to write my hands go a mile a minute, I am not joking, I took three online typing tests and found my fingers can type 106 words per minute, granted it was about 90 something percent accuracy but that is not bad at all! Imagine how fast I talk in person?! Oh you wait til you meet me or talk on the phone with me, surely Sheilacakes or MommaDJane can clue you in on how fast I can talk!

My three children are first and foremost, all the tough decisions I make in life are based on what I feel is best for them. If I had to choose some blog posts for you to read it would be very hard, but I am sure if you click on “Brandy’s Life” category/menu bar above you would find some good reading!

So welcome to Happily Blended Blog where I work hard to share my life, my opinion, my expertise and a virtual friendship! Happy Reading everyone!

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  1. What the crack? I just show up to read a thing or two and you’re talking about me! You are just the sweetest friend and we are gonna meet one day at a conference or some such. It’s gonna happen!!!!

    Luv you!
    .-= blueviolet´s last blog ..Shred Sled – Skateboarding to the Extreme =-.

  2. Thanks for the love!! You really do talk fast and a lot! LOL. I love ya though. I really enjoy talking to you all the time. We have a lot in common. You are such a great mom. You take such great care of your little ones.
    .-= Sheila´s last blog ..Give =-.

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