Pardon Me While I Head to Yo Gabba Gabba

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My family is heading to see Yo Gabba Gabba today LIVE and I have been pumping up the boys … them being “boys” said they are going to kick Yo Gabba Gabba butts. Not sure if that’s a bad thing, but for some reason kicking butts is their new “game” they play together and well they LOVE Yo Gabba Gabba so it must be their new sign of affection. Don’t worry I will keep them far away from kicking any butts!

All joking aside, today is a well deserved family time trip and I am excited but sad at the same time. My daughter will not be able to go with us as orginally planned due to school starting and today being her day to sleep at her Dad’s. Oh well, at least the boys will enjoy it and maybe I can get some pics to share with her!

Happy day to you all because today is like a late birthday present for the boys who turned 2 and 4 earlier this month and I am going to enjoy it thoroughly! Even Justin got a vacation day to go with us on this trip!

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