Congrats To A Few Winners

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Congrats WinnersTwo giveaways have ended as of August 7, 2010 …

Breyers Smooth & Dreamy Free Coupon to FIVE people:

  1. chose # 1 – Tawnda
  2. chose # 6 – Kimberly
  3. chose # 2 – Sheila
  4. chose # 5 – shala_darkstone
  5. chose # 7 – Hannah

1-800-FLOWERS $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway to ONE person:

  1. Chose # 68 – Tamara B

Congrats to all and thanks to those who took the time to enter! An email will go out within 24 hours so that I may get your shipping details.

My current giveaways:

Coming Soon:

Vtech Bluetooth Cordless phone for home and cell phones.

The Baby Bunch Crayon Rompers

And much, much more!

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  2. Pingback: Hannah
  3. hannah (126 comments) says:

    Wow I can’t believe so few people commented on that awesome Breyers giveaway!

    Yay I can’t wait for yummy icecream!

  4. Tawnda (67 comments) says:

    just saw that myself… really can’t wait to try them though, so works for me too… 😉
    …now, where’s that email… lol

    • brandyellen (381 comments) says:

      Thanks Jenn! I was just thinking late last night that I can’t recall if I actually put up who won that! Going to look into it now!

  5. JoeyfromSC (3 comments) says:

    Congrats to the winners!! I was one of 8 comments on that breyers hannah-I can’t believe so few commented either!! odds were not on my side lol

    • brandyellen (381 comments) says:

      I find that coupon giveaways are not always the most “famous” of giveaways. Keep your eyes out, I have a VTech Bluetooth Cordless Phone that uses touch technology giveaway coming up on Saturday!

  6. Kimberly (36 comments) says:

    YAY! Ice cream! I love coupon giveaways because any help I can get at the grocery store is always welcome.

    • brandyellen (381 comments) says:

      I couldn’t agree more! I love coupons any time I can get them in my hands I love it! Saving money is great! Congrats on winning Kimberly!

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