The Nursing Profession

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Most of my friends have at one point or another looked into becoming a nurse or at least taking classes to work in the field of nursing. The field of nursing seems to always have openings and the pay can be low or high depending upon the level of education you have behind your nursing degree. Whether you are attending nursing school or working in the nursing field you will have to wear nursing scrubs.

When I worked at a local hospital as the film librarian I enjoyed wearing medical scrubs, they were so comfortable and easy to put on. I never had to worry about getting my clothes dirty carrying x-ray folders around all day long and I also was in the dark room often printing x-rays for the doctors and x-ray techs which can be a dirty job.

Overall I think the field of nursing is a fantastic field to get into regardless of having to scrubs or nursing uniforms because you are at the end of the day helping another human being to get better. You could work in a nursing home helping the elderly make it through their day to day life or working in a hospital interacting with patients of all ages but no matter where you work as a nurse you are truly helping another person be better and that my friends is the best part of being a human being!

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