Cheap Movie Night?

I just heard about this great cheap way to have a movie night! It’s called Weekly Cinema. You subscribe to get one FREE movie ticket a month and then after that you get 3 additional movie tickets for $14.99. What a great way to save money while being able to go out and enjoy the new movies like Toy Story 3 or Despicable Me, which I so totally want to see both of those!

Movies are a great way to get out and eat popcorn or candy, whatever your fancy is, and make your kids feel special. I know everytime I go out to the movies with my munchkins they are so happy and feel better than they would watching a movie at home.

I just had to share this deal with you because I think it’s a steal of a deal! Hopefully you will think the same and take full advantage of the Weekly Cinema deal!

Questions for Thought: Do you get out to the movies once in a while with your kids? Do they do the same as mine, feel super special?

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