BOOK REVIEW: Muffin’s & Mayhem Recipes for a Happy Life

Brandy Ellen and Muffins and Mayhem

From The Press Release

This summer, dig in to the new book that reminds us all that life doesn’t need to be perfect to be delicious – MUFFINS & MAYHEM: RECIPES FOR A HAPPY (IF DISORDERLY) LIFE (Touchstone/Simon & Schuster, June 1). Author Suzanne Beecher uses her quirky, homespun magic to take the reader through her tumultuous journey from her childhood in the very small town of Cuba City, WI to single, drug addicted, teenage mother to successful businesswoman, grandmother, and wife of her best friend. MUFFINS & MAYHEM is refreshingly humorous and honest, and a perfect summer read that celebrates food, friends, and family.

Suzanne Beecher has owned a restaurant, founded and published a business magazine, established a non-profit program to feed the homeless, and home-schooled her youngest son. She writes a daily column for and is a darling of the book club world designing email book clubs for publishers, booksellers, and libraries across the country. Over 350,000 participate in!

Suzanne’s fans are already in the MUFFINS & MAYHEM spirit by getting together, reading her book, cooking her dishes, and sharing the recipes and stories that have helped keep them grounded in an unpredictable world. Below is more about the book.

In conjunction with the release of the book, Suzanne launched, where visitors can create their very own Cookbook of Memories. On the site you can also sign up to receive a free, personalized and autographed bookplate from Suzanne.

My Personal Take On The Ingredients for Happiness

This is a wonderful book that I felt fit my blog perfectly. I love the idea of sharing happiness with others and Suzanne Beecher did a fantastic job on this book! I love the cover that says “Muffins & Mayhem Recipes for a Happy (if disorderly) Life” for some reason that totally caught my eyes immediately upon opening this book from the mail package. This is a great book to sit down outside after a long day raising the kids and working. I like to sit outside and open this book with a cold drink and relax while I place my mind completely in this book. I am not completely to the end yet, but have read three quarters of this book and highly recommend it all to you based on my opinion of it being inspirational and intriguing.

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