Never Thought Of This

As I watch people passing away locally and seeing people enter the funeral home down town and watch my sister who lost a good friend recently the thought of an aussie life plan comes to mind. I know that life insurance is very important because it can include funeral cover and accident cover which means no out of pocket costs or smaller out of pocket costs for the family who is covering all parts of the person who passed away estate.

I can’t imagine being the person in charge of a funeral and having to not only mourn the loss of my close friend or family member while still having to come up with out of pocket costs. When I was younger, age 5, my aunt passed away and of course I was way too young back then to know the financial parts of everything, but I do remember she had gone to a very expensive college. I have no clue if the tuition had to be paid back, if there was any life insurance coverage on her or anything but if not I am sure my grandmother went through a financial struggle trying to cover all the details of the untimely death.

Death makes me sad, it really does and so when I think of the idea of losing a close friend or a family member I worry about the financial situation that the person in charge of the estate could get stuck with. It’s hard enough mourning the loss of someone who you were very close to without having to add the financial stress to it.

Questions for thought: Do you have life insurance? Do you think it is important to have?

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