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Running a business can be a great experience that requires a lot of research prior to the start as well as during the time you are running said business. To start you should seek a registration in your state for a Trade Name which is also known as a Doing Business As business registration and allows you to claim the business on your personal taxes, or you can register as a limited liability corporation or a corporation among many other options. Depending upon your state regulations you may be required to get certain things while registering your business.

Let’s say you are doing business in Louisiana you would want to start by getting some business insurance quotes so that you can have Louisiana business insurance. No matter what state you are in, such as me living in New Hampshire and running a business in my state, you will need to get a Business Insurance Analysis completed in order to determine what type of insurance you need.

Having business insurance on the business you own and run will keep the liability down so that should something happen legally then you are covered and protected. Running a DBA or Trade Name business can be risky because you are taking on all of the liability of the business on a more personal level than a LLC or Corporation. Whatever business type you register please remember to protect yourself and the assets of your company by looking into getting a business insurance quote.

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