Are You Motivated?

Please welcome a new weekly guest contributor to Happily Blended. DR FITNESS will be posting up weekly fitness articles every Monday at 12pm EST and I hope you will enjoy them. Leave a comment to show your support and feel free to visit Dr Fitness’ Website as well to get to know more about him and what he can do to help you reach your fitness goals! So without further adieu please give a warm welcome to Happily Blended’s newest contributor …. Dr Fitness!

We all hit a point when we feel we can’t do anymore. In relationships, work or the weight room, life can get so hard we feel that we’ve hit the wall, unable to go on.

But I believe that most of our limitations are buried deep in our heads, where self doubt can rule out all other thoughts. And most of our limitations could be eliminated if we simply had the proper motivation.

If getting a flat tummy or tight butt is your motivation…you’ve simply got to keep your eyes on the prize. Our success is determined by our motivation. If you reeeaaalllly want it, technically, nothing should hold you back!! So if you don’t have what you want, check and see if it’s something you really want. Everyday I hear people complain about how they’re not getting to their goals at the same time they tell me of all the things they do to sabotage themselves. Eating Taco Bell just isn’t conducive to any health/fitness goal. Consistency is the key…not perfection! Set realistic goals and do all you can to attain them. Find out how strong your mind is when it truly desires something. If you still feel like you can’t reach your goals, pretend you’ve got $1,000,000 on the line….could you reach them then? That’s what I thought…so, are you motivated?

DR Fitness

“Get your fitness on!”

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  1. Welcome Dr Fitness! I am just getting my motivation back.I had to let go of those time suckers on Facebook called games. I notice I get more things done now. An there is just so much to be said for sunny days and warm weather to give a little motivation lift. ๐Ÿ™‚

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