Memorial Day Plans Anyone?

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend and I do not have my children so I have been thinking and thinking of what to do. One thing is an event happening in Manchester NH called The Sky Show but I just read news it was canceled so I guess that blows that plan out of the water!

Another event I just heard about from JuiceBoxJungle is an event in Jackson, NH. I don’t know how far that town is from me, but the event is called Wildquack Duck River Festival.  I guess there is roughly 3,500 rubber duckies sent out on the Wildcat River to take a nice ride, that would totally be awesome for my kids to see which means I certainly will be sharing this event with my daughters Dad and my sons father too! Maybe the kids will get to experience this event with their Dad’s!

Another event JuiceBoxJungle mentioned is called Ferndale Cross-Country Kinetic Sculpture Race located in Arcata, California. Every year on Memorial Day free-spirited artists race for 3 days from Arcata to Ferndale in huge crazy looking sculptures. The mobile art must be entirely people powered, must measure no more than 8 by 14 feet, and cannot be dangerous! Otherwise, anything goes, from giant watermelons to amphibious armadillos.

Other than the sky show I had hope to attend I will get to eat outside, mow my lawn and get some work done. I am hoping the sun is going to be out like it has been the past few days so I can catch some more sun rays! My tan is coming along nice and I hope to further the tan this weekend!

Question for Thought: What are you doing this Memorial Day weekend?

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