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Alright Ladies, I gotta get something off my chest.

If I see another able bodied woman (i.e. – no injuries) shoulder press, bench press, row, squat or deadlift with 5lb. dumbells, I’m gonna snap!!

Being a “strong woman” means more than just having a strong mind and will. It also means a strong body.

When you’re in Spin class, kickboxing, or other cardio based programs, you push yourselves to your limits. Sweats dripping off your body like you just stepped out of the shower. But the moment you get into the weight room, the 5lb’ers come out…and then you wonder why you don’t see results with strength training.

The answer is obvious – 5lb’ers are friggin easy to lift!

If you ain’t sweatin, why waste your time? You need to be constantly challenging yourself in life. Whether at work, with the family, or in the gym, meeting challenges and overcoming them is how we grow as people, and if you’re not challenging yourself, well, you stop growing….it’s that simple.

I implore you to take a new mindset with you the next time you go to the gym. Don’t take this the wrong way, but take a mans’ attitude. Lift heavier (keeping good form) than you normally do and make your workouts more INTENSE! Intensity is the key – without it you’re wasting your time. Go in there and lift like you have something to prove – and prove it to yourself.

Push yourselves to the limit – and then go further. See what you’re made of!

DR Fitness – “Get your fitness on!”

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  1. OMG that post kicked arse. You called that one right! I was actually recently told that very same thing by the top health and fitness doctor in the Gatorade GSSI lab (I’m sure I’m saying her credentials wrong) and she told me the same thing. Brilliant!

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