Bloggers Be Forewarned

I was sitting around on Facebook yesterday when I saw a new blog post pop up from Trisha Haas, you know the woman over at MomDot who is always in on the news and happenings in the bloggy world. You may love her, hate her or have your own in between personal opinion about Trisha, but as a VIP Member of her MomDot Forum I have seen who she is and think she is a very supportive person.  After reading the post on her blog I just wanted to share the information with my readers as it’s something that pertains to all bloggers, we all need to know about what happened to Emily from Busy Mommy.

It appears that someone may be using your information to gain access to free products for review, however, the way that this person did it was totally unacceptable, fraudulent and just absolutely appalling in my personal opinion.

A person may be pretending to be an employee of your blog to contact PR people on your behalf in order to gain access to free products. As most of you know I am a product review blogger, yes I receive free products from your low priced children’s products to higher priced adult products. I do not have any employees, the only contributor I have on my blog is a weekly guest blogger for my Fitness category. Other than my occasional guest blogger or weekly contributor, DR FITNESS, no other person writes on this blog. Also no other person reviews products for Happily Blended.

This may change in the future, I may add some of my family members to my review team, such as my father and/or step mother but at this time if a PR Contact doesn’t get an email directly from or then they can have a right to question whether the email is real or not. At times I may have other people use my name for a reference, but unless I have been CC’d in or you have confirmed I am referencing this person then please do not consider it to be a real email based on my personal reference.

Please head on over to read Bloggers, is someone using your name to get products? So that you can read the personal story about what happened to Emily.  Consider yourself forewarned!

Question for Thought: Has this ever happened to you on your blog? Please share your story with the world so we can all work together to support each other and get rid of these frauds!

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  1. that is so sad. I hate hearing about thid, and it makes us bloggers look bad. This shows just how greedy some people are, they will go to great lengths to get free stuff.
    .-= Brandy´s last blog ..Contests 5-14-10 =-.

    1. Brandy that is so true! Some people are very, very greedy! I see it all the time with my friends or family who are like “oh I want this …. can you get that for me for free?!” My response is of course “NO” LOL some people!

    1. Yes very sad, but the more of us who share the word the better we will all be off in not having that happen to us I think!!

  2. I am so amazed at the lengths some people will go ! I am starting out reviewing and enjoy blogging.This is stealing and I hope that these people will be accountable for their actions! They knew full well what they were doing!Shame on them!
    .-= Peggy Gorman´s last blog ..Happy Mothers Day =-.

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