Week 2 #followfriday Twitter Friends

Another week has past and I am late with my #followfriday Twitter follow recommendations! Sorry for the delay …

  1. @Ficklets – I not only love interacting with her on Twitter but also on Facebook. Great supportive person and her products are just too cool!
  2. @mentallyinked – This girl is awesome! I can’t recall how we started tweeting but I love reading her tweets and her blog! She is funny and also very nice!
  3. @pinkginghamom – Haven’t tweeted with her much but she really was helpful the other night when I was trying to get Baby K to sleep the night in his crib!
  4. @massholemommy – A new twitter person I found earlier today and I happen to love her tweets as well as her blog so figured I would share a new person I found with you all too! Not to mention she’s in MA and I am in NH, always happy to find New England Bloggers!
  5. @1stopmom – a great blogger and finally I am following her on Twitter, I think you should too! A very sweet FB friend of mine!
  6. @achildwrites – well this is a new person to follow, it’s actually a business and it’s a children’s penpal site but so much more!
  7. @pottytots - Of course I love the product since AJ is finally potty training and doing great at it due to the game that comes with the Potty Tots Kit but she is also supportive and interactive!
  8. @ohMariana – Oh I love this girl! We do not tweet often but I do follow her blog and she is an amazing person!
  9. @gmmech – Well what can I say he has been a long time twitter friend and he’s an FB friend of mine as well. His tweets are awesome and he is very interactive.
  10. @savorthethyme – we haven’t tweeted as much lately but she is a very supportive person and I love her tweets!

Well there you have it .. until next week Happy #followfriday friends! Remember follow @brandyellen on Twitter to keep up with me and read my Social Media Examiner Page to keep up to date with my Social Media articles!

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