Top 10 Tuesday: Things That Never Fail To Happen

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Welcome to another Top 10 Tuesday at Happily Blended, remember if you wan to write your own list based on today’s topic you can do so by saving the button above to your computer and uploading it to a Top 10 Tuesday post on your site while linking back to the Top 10 Category on my menu bar!

This week I want to share a list of things that never fail to happen …

  1. A cat will always instantly poop and/or pee in a clean litter box the moment it’s set back down for them.
  2. When your in the shower and someone uses the toilet they will always flush that toilet and then say “oops”, as your body is burning from the instantly scolding hot water!
  3. When you have two in diapers they will be sure to poop in their diapers one after the other, leaving you with a poop smelling house.
  4. When two or more women spend a lot of time together their menstrual cycles will eventually change to occur on the same time every month as the other women.
  5. The day you finally get time to do your hair all nice you walk outside to find out the day is a windy one!
  6. As soon as your kid is on vacation he comes down with a cold.
  7. A bird poops on your car right after you wash it.
  8. When you change the baby’s diaper they will inevitably poop right after!
  9. When you clean your carpets then one of the kid’s comes in with dog poo on their shoes!
  10. Kids always sleep in when you have to be somewhere, wake early when you don’t.

All of the above came from myself with additional ideas provided for the list from  @pussreboots, Patty, Plus Size Mommy, @WiredWhimsy, and @tech4mommies. Thank you for your help, I appreciate it!!

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  1. LOL! There was a lot of poop in that list! So true! The one we always get annoyed at is your #10. Days that we can sleep in, Elijah is up at 6am, days that we have to get up to leave we end up having to try for a million years to wake Elijah up! lol
    .-= Erin´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday – 4.14.10 =-.

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