SEO The Importance of a Keyword Phrase

I could sit here and tell you all day long about how important it is for you to have a keyword phrase for your website or blog and to place it everywhere and anywhere in your code as well as placing the keyword phrase in the SEO area of your blogging platform, I use Platinum SEO Pack but there are many others and some WordPress themes come with SEO built into them.  The problem is that I haven’t even figured out what I want to use for a keyword phrase yet, someday I will figure it out and BAM traffic will come to me in higher numbers (I can only hope).

The point to this post is to tell you that it’s not only important for you to have a keyword for whatever niche your website or blog is about but to have an actual phrase. Let’s say I wanted to promote positive thinking, well the one word “positive” wouldn’t really be that great for a keyword alone because how many people really search for just one word online? I am betting very few! Now if someone was searching for an uplifting quote or blog post then maybe the keyword phrase “positive thinking” or “positive thoughts” may come into play in a search, I don’t know just thinking out loud here.

I read an article some where about SEO and they were discussing an example of let’s say a costume website, you wouldn’t want to simply use the word “costume” for SEO purposes but more a particular costume such as “princess costumes” or “ninja costumes” maybe. People will more often than not search for the words “children costumes” or “princess costumes” or “ninja costumes” over just one word “costumes”, right?!

All you need to do is ensure you have properly optimized your site to be more search engine friendly and watch the customers and traffic come to your site. For every new blog post you should be inserted keywords, key phrase as well as a meta title so that search engine crawlers are determining which keywords to use and index it in their files or whatever the technical term is for it. I created a course that discusses search engine optimization in a little more detail as well as how to be great at network marketing, but overall the point is pretty simple … pick the best keyword phrase for your site and use it with all your might!

Questions for thought: Do you currently use an SEO plugins for your site? Have you determined a keyword phrase for your website or blog? Have you seen good traffic come with the term(s) you have chosen when you analyze your traffic?

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