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I am normally quite addicted to Twitter for networking and blabbing my mouth off all day (yes I am a BIG TALKER) but lately I have found myself on my Blackberry Curve using Facebook updates more often. My profile is private so I upload pictures from my EA Sports Active workouts, daily fun with the kids and so much more. Having over 1,600 friends on Facebook certainly makes it hard to interact with everyone on a daily basis but I like to think I do connect with most of my friends by the weeks end!

Twitter is a different story as I am connected to over 10, 000 people and can’t hardly talk to all of them, obviously they see my tweets but I can’t get in touch with all of them in a weeks time. I do enjoy interacting with new Tweet friends on a daily basis, depending upon my conversations a new Twitter Friend will pop up and interact in the conversation and that makes me smile!

I love meeting new people and it seems Facebook allows you to interact on a less personal level by simply clicking the “Like” button, I think Twitter needs one of those. The only complaint I have is that I don’t get a notification when someone likes my status on Facebook and that would be something worthy of having a notification for!

Overall I have used both Facebook and Twitter for gaining new clients and getting new projects for both my blog as well as my virtual assistant business when originally Twitter was my main source of online networking and main source for new clients. I actually love networking through social media so much so that I created a 6 week e-course that is my way of helping others gain the knowledge necessary to be successful with social media marketing!

Question for Thought: I enjoy helping others succeed in working from home and wonder if you can share any tips, ideas on what has worked for you through Social Media Marketing?

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