#followfriday Week 4 Twitter Friends

This is week 4 of sharing my #followfriday recommendations for people to follow on Twitter, I share 10 every Friday as a way to feature Twitter friends in a more personal and longer than 140 characters (most times), and so this week I wanted to share with you some new followers that I took some time to check out:

  1. @weilbabyWeil Baby bottles and sippy cups are: Healthy and Natural,Ultra Safe and easy to use, Environmentally Friendly,100 % percent made in the USA. Worthy of checking out I say!
  2. @CuteBlogDesigns – Very cute blog designs!! Of course the name says it all, right?!
  3. @verticalblogger – What can I say another way to earn some revenue as a blogger and they followed me back, so they earned points from me for sure!
  4. @SeeryusMama – Not sure why we weren’t following each other before, I’ve been to her blog a few times and I interact on Facebook a little. She’s really sweet and nice!
  5. @Nannies4Hire – What Mom doesn’t want a nanny? Or Dad for that matter? Have worked with this company in past on giveaways and recently got followed by them so happy to connect!
  6. @CreativeKidstuf- Loving their website, so cool! A must company to follow!
  7. @ScrappyGifts – Very talented scrapbooking work, and seems to be offering this as a service as well?! Check her out & if worthy of your follow feel free to connect on Twitter and visit her website.
  8. @MamaSavesMoney – This Mama loves to save money and who doesn’t? Checked out her blog and seems to be a good recommendation for anyone who is interested in saving money or reviews of products through a Mama’s eyes should follow.
  9. @mommytracked – Seems interesting enough, new follower of course so still getting to know her!
  10. @PositiveParents – What can I say? A new follower with a positive mind? Must follow for sure!

Well there you have it, keep in mind this week I decided to feature new followers so I have yet to really get to know all of them but felt after review they were worthy of sharing with you! Until next week, happy following!

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